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  • WatchGuard Passport NFR Subscription 1yr 1-user (max 50 users) *
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  • Promo pricing for WatchGuard partner's internal use. Passport is a bundle of services that provides partners and customers with a single, easy to purchase SKU for accessing all of WatchGuard's user-focused security services. It includes protection against unknown and evasive malware, including the ability to block command and control connections and isolate infected hosts.

    Passport comes with Panda AD360, DNS WatchGo and AuthPoint which uses push messages, QR codes, or one-time passwords (OTPs), in combination with the mobile device DNA on each user's phone to identify and authenticate users. It also includes DNSWatchGO which monitors and correlates outbound DNS requests, giving user consolidated visibility into all protected devices and allowing the user to enforce policy.

    Priced per user. This is a subscription and must be repurchased to continue using the product.
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