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  • Enterprise Architect Corporate Floating with Maintenance 1yr 50-100 user (each)
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    Sparx Systems
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    588.53 plus GST
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    2 days
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  • A fully featured UML modelling environment for workgroups, analysts and developers. Includes support for multi user projects and code engineering (import/export/synchronisation).

    The Corporate Edition is aimed at larger development teams. It supports everything in the Desktop and Professional versions, as well as the ability to connect to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle9i, PostgreSQL, MSDE, Adaptive Server Anywhere and MS Access backends as the shared repository.

    It also supports user security, user logins, user groups, replication and user level locking of elements. Support for MDG Technologies is included with the Corporate version of EA. Additional resource are available to users of the Corporate Edition.

    Floating Licenses 'float' from user to user as they start and stop the various software products. A license for the product is only required while a user has the software running, once the product is shutdown the license is available for another user to make use of.
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    Organisation name, address, post code, contact name, e-mail. Organisation name, address, post code, contact name, e-mail.
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    Includes Maintenance 1 year
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